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Fall 2020 President's Report

15 Sep 2020 4:56 PM | Nicolas Fox (Administrator)

Dear Members,

We’re sailing westward in this issue, with the stories of some of our West Coast American Society of Marine Art members. I learn so much from each of these articles, and I’m grateful for the artists who are willing to take time away from their craft to contribute to the magazine. The artwork is inspiring and shows some of the many ways in which water moves us. As I write today, I’m wishing health and safety to those of you in California, Oregon, Washington and other areas beingthreatened by deadly wildfires.
The News & Journal connects the members of the Society through our stories. This is a magazine of, by, and about us, but even more broadly it paints a portrait of American marine art today, something no other print publication does. These are the stories by and about our artists, sharing what their journey has been, how their work is inspired and crafted, what their influences are, and what’s happening in studios and the world of marine art now.

Thank you for your membership, whether you create, study, collect or just appreciate marine art. This magazine is an important part of our mission, and when you share your stories and knowledge from all the regions of ASMA, we are all enriched.

Be well,
Lisa Egeli, President

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