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Spring 2021 President's Report

15 Mar 2021 4:52 PM | Nicolas Fox (Administrator)

Dear Members,

My parents always used to say “may you live in interesting times,” knowing that the quote was actually a curse. Well, we are living in interesting times, but it is through adversity that we find and define ourselves, and it is adversity that illuminates that diamond hard and unshakable core of our identities. If we can make it through “this,” we know in our hearts, we can make it through anything.

Many of us are facing life transforming situations: income disruptions, the inability to visit family members, anxiety about the future and concerns about our health and the health of those we love. But here’s something that will provide a small measure of encouragement: the American Society of Marine Artists has gotten stronger during the pandemic than it has ever been. Its membership is talented, dedicated, passionate and generous.

Our art sustains us, that’s why we sustain it.

Anchor to Windward had one of its best years ever. Leadership gifts by an anonymous donor and by former president William T.C. Stevens in memory of Bob Semler and Nancy Stiles, and the many gifts given by the friends and colleagues of Stu Egeli to honor her, show the kind of group we are. I continue to be humbled by donors big and small who see in the Society some reflection of that diamond hard and unshakable part of themselves that they hold most dear.

Warmest regards on a chilly, spring day,

Nicolas Fox, ASMA

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