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Kim Shaklee, Fellow


21"H x 14"W x 18"L - Bronze – Edition of 20

In the quiet time before evening, Pelicans love to preen their feathers while basking in the sun.  Alcatraz (Portuguese for Pelican) subtly captures the fluidity of the bird’s long stunningly curved neck, echoed by curvaceous arcs of the various feather groups; each delicately intertwined with the next.  While fluffing their plumage, Pelicans ceremoniously display their tail feathers like a fan.  By composing these gestures together, it creates an interpretation that is realistic yet artistically reminiscent in style from that of the art deco period. Clean, rounded lines in repetitive forms are accentuated by using a harmonious patina, comprised of variegated hues of gold and copper.

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