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Richard Moore, Honorary

"U.S.S. John Paul Jones (DD 932)"

27" x 36" - Watercolor 

Seven ships or craft of the U.S. Navy have been named for the illustrious John Paul Jones. The destroyer John Paul Jones, of post WWII design, sixth ship to bear the name, and subject of this painting, was commissioned in 1956. I was the Communications Officer when the ship was commissioned. The present and seventh ship bearing the name continues to serve in the United States fleet. The painting is a reminder to me of a lifelong friendship that was made on that ship while I served as Communications Officer.  I shared a stateroom with Peter Maytham, who was for many years Treasurer of ASMA.  One rank junior to me at the time, I assigned him to the less desirable top bunk, from which he retaliated by stepping on my face from time to time on his way up or down.  Nevertheless, the friendship is forged in the steel of the John Paul Jones.

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