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Ian Marshall, Fellow

"Shipping at the Port of Kilindini, Mombasa 1953"

14" x 21" - Watercolor

The principal port of East Africa lies on Mombasa Island.  This is not an offshore island, but is situated in an inlet of the Indian Ocean where fresh water discharging into the sea has created a navigable channel through the coral.  Otherwise, along most of the east coast, access to the shore is prevented by an extensive coral reef.  The modern port of Kilindini, on the south side of the island, contains a long row of deepwater berths.  They are constantly filled with shipping, for the railway leading inland serves an enormous hinterland, including the fertile and populous highlands of Kenya and Uganda.  Prominent in this view is the British India Line steamer SS Kampala, being assisted by a tug belonging to the East African Railways & Harbours administration

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