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Caleb Whitbeck, ASMA

“San Francisco Waterfront, 1915”

Oil, 24" x 36"

This painting depicts a turning point in shipping from sail to steam and shows commerce on San Francisco Bay. Sailing hay scows were in active service on the bay from 1860 though the 1920's. A few were motorized and continued in service through the 1930's. The painting shows the Balclutha (then the Star of Alaska) to the right, the hay scow Alma center, and the Charles W. on the right. In the background the lumber schooner C.A. Thayer is entering the bay with a cargo of lumber, and the steam schooner Wapama is heading out for the north coast. It rained the night before and the Star of Alaska is drying sails, and the Alma cargo of grain is covered with tarpaulins. The Alma, Balclutha, C.A. Thayer and Wapama are currently docked at the San Francisco National Maritime Museum.

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