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Kent Ullberg, Fellow


Stainless Steel, 33”H x 18”W x 11”D

As an art student I became fascinated with the famous Italian Renaissance painting “Vertumnus” by Archimboldo, a portrait of Emperor Rudolf II, created from all forms of vegetables and fruits.
In this sculpture I use the same approach to celebrate the interdependency of life in an ecosystem at the Texas coast. Forty-six different species, from microscopic plankton to mammals as well as six species of birds (Osprey, Reddish Egret, Roseate Spoonbill, Laughing Gull, Brown Pelican, Black Skimmer), come together in the form of a Tarpon (a specie itself dependent on several ecosystems). It is also a symbol for interdependency in all of nature where we, too, play a part. This sculpture is the maquette for a 10 ft. monument placed at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas.

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