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Mark Myers, Fellow Emeritus

“Pulled with uncommon strength”: The Neva crosses Sitka Sound, September 23, 1804

Watercolor, 30” x 22”

This subject and its title come directly from the journal of Yuri Lisianski, a Russian naval Captain who arrived in Sitka Sound in 1804 just in time to assist the Russian American Company retake an outpost which had been wiped out by the native Tlingits two years earlier. An invasion force of 120 Russians in four small ships, and 800 Aleuts in some 300 one-, two-, and three-man “baidarkas” was gathering in Sitka Sound when Lisianski arrived unexpectedly in the 14-gun warship Neva. As a flat calm prevailed when the Russian force set out to retake the native stronghold, the ships were towed into action Gulliver-like, by a host of Liliputian baidarkas.

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