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Edward Minoff, ASMA


Oil, 44” x 72”

“Shorebreak” is the largest in a series of paintings created based on my experience of standing on the beach during a Tropical Storm. The conditions prevented me from executing any studies on location, but for several hours I was able to alternate from standing and watching and, perhaps more importantly, feeling the conditions, to jotting down notes and drawing diagrams in nearby shelter. I became keenly interested in trying to understand what made those waves, not much larger than many less stormy days, so powerful. By pushing the wave so close to the foreground in “Shorebreak” I tried to give a sense of the impending impact, while the scale allowed me to describe in great detail the exact mechanics of the wave as it begins to tumble over itself. I tried to convey the power of the rushing whitewater by building up the paint, using a specially cured lead white.

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