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Ian Marshall, Fellow

“USS New York, Bermuda, 1898”

Watercolor, 14” x 21”

Commodore William T. Sampson, after his victory over Admiral Cervera’s Spanish squadron at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba, took his ships to Bermuda for coaling on the return voyage to New York. In this painting his flagship, the armored cruiser New York, lies at anchor off the R.N. Dockyard at Ireland Island. To the left is the great iron floating drydock Bermuda, which had been stationed there since 1869. On top of the coral cliffs behind can be seen the Commissioner’s house with its lofty verandahs. The New York, wearing her wartime grey color scheme, has hoisted the signal “keep to leeward” to the following ships of the squadron. This will leave the flagship in closest proximity to shore and landing place. In the distance on the right is the British battleship HMS Renown, flagship of Admiral Sir John Fisher, who arranged generous hospitality to salute the officers and men of the US Navy Ships.

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