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Kirk Larsen

“In All Her Glory”

Oil, 24” x 36”

Water splashing along the hull, wind filling her sails, the nuanced touch of the skipper’s hand on the tiller and crew hiking o’er the high side, Clio glides across the waves in a sunlit afternoon classic race in Oyster Bay, New York. Built in 1921 by Scottish boat builder William Fife III, as his own personal racing sloop, Clio, (for a time~ Sheevra) is 30’ LWL, 45’9” LOA. Fully restored (1983-85) by Jeff Law, Olive Adshead and Donn Costanzo (on helm in the painting), she and her racing record are legendary in St Tropez, Imperia, Sardinia, Monaco, Palma and Oyster Bay. She still races in the Oyster Bay Classics, where with a breeze on the water, she can be seen…in all her glory.

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