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Neal Hughes, Fellow

“July Air Monhegan”

Oil, 22” x 28”

I have done a lot of painting on and paintings of Monhegan Island, and this painting depicts some cottages and lobster boats viewed from atop the hill overlooking the harbor. I was inspired by the haze that surrounded the island one July day. These conditions were unusual in that there was a very strong wind, but it did not remove the haze that was present for the entire day. The haze created a very nice atmospheric effect that I felt would give the painting an ethereal appearance. The overall design idea was that of horizontal masses. These masses help to form a sort of S curve effect which starts at darker foliage that divides the middle tone mass in the foreground. This allows the eye to travel back to and across the dark mass formed by the trees and buildings, and then to the background mass which is lighter in value and is formed by the water, sky and haze
enshrouded Manana Island in the distance.

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