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Louis Stephen Gadal, ASMA

“Nightlights - The Pilgrim

Watercolor, 20” x 28”

This is one of my nocturnes, and the subject is the replica tall ship berthed in Dana Point; the brig Pilgrim, the vessel used to represent the ship Richard Henry Dana Jr. sailed on up the California coast in 1835. He was the author of Two Years before the Mast, which related the hardships of the crew while sailing around Cape Horn. This is the third painting of my nightlight series and the only attempt at depicting a tall ship at night. Using watercolor and maintaining the white of the paper for the lighter colors, means masking off all the lines and rigging before the painting process begins. To achieve the dark colors, I layer my colors; one over the other, until I achieve the depth of color needed. This process can take many layers to bring the darks to the level necessary. The masking material is then lifted and the process of painting over the whites is next. This is a labor of love.

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