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June Carey, Fellow

“Rio Marina”

Oil, 21” x 32”

A magical little harbor off the coast of Italy on the island of Elba, Rio Marina is an ancient place where family and friends embrace the traditions from another era. From my balcony I could hear live music, traditional Italian songs. An older man, with a wondrous, soft, raspy voice, sang to the music. People gathered around and sat on the seawall you see in the painting. They brought bottles of wine with them. There was a group who seemed to know each other and they were dancing to the old folk songs as this wonderful man played. Anyone could get up and try to dance. There were some traditional line dances done to the old folk songs. I think the most special part was how the adults and children danced together, rather than separately. Each night I was there I went to sleep to that. I wish I could find recordings of that music.

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