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Signature Member's Galleries

Signature Members of the ASMA have been elected by a jury of the Society's Fellows after submission of an artist's portfolio, and represent a professional level of quality in their work. Signature Members are then entitled to use the initials “ASMA” after their name. 

Here are galleries of some of our Signature Member's works and links to many of their websites.  

Please use the arrows to move backward or forward through the carousel and 

then click on the image above the artists name to view his/her gallery.

  • Scott Bakran
    Scott Bakran
  • Paul Beebe
    Paul Beebe
  • Brad Betts
    Brad Betts
  • Mike Blaser
    Mike Blaser
  • Joey Blazek
    Joey Blazek
  • Roger Dale Brown
    Roger Dale Brown
  • Larry Cannon
    Larry Cannon
  • Hiu Lai Chong
    Hiu Lai Chong
  • Sally Cole
    Sally Cole
  • James Consor
    James Consor
  • Priscilla Coote
    Priscilla Coote
  • Dee Beard Dean
    Dee Beard Dean
  • Austin Dwyer
    Austin Dwyer
  • Mary Erickson
    Mary Erickson
  • Janet Tarjan Erl
    Janet Tarjan Erl
  • Bill Farnsworth
    Bill Farnsworth
  • Cathy Ferrell
    Cathy Ferrell
  • Frank Gaffney
    Frank Gaffney
  • Lisa Gleim
    Lisa Gleim
  • Christopher Groves
    Christopher Groves
  • Elaine Hahn
    Elaine Hahn
  • Carolyn Hesse-Low
    Carolyn Hesse-Low
  • Anne Brodie Hill
    Anne Brodie Hill
  • William Hobbs
    William Hobbs
  • Paula B. Holtzclaw
    Paula B. Holtzclaw
  • Joan Hooper
    Joan Hooper
  • Lindsay Hopkins-Weld
    Lindsay Hopkins-Weld
  • Kathleen Hudson
    Kathleen Hudson
  • Debra Huse
    Debra Huse
  • Joe Jackson III
    Joe Jackson III
  • Brent Jensen
    Brent Jensen
  • Harold Johnson
    Harold Johnson
  • Michelle Jung
    Michelle Jung
  • Michael Killelea
    Michael Killelea
  • Nam Soon Kim
    Nam Soon Kim
  • Alana Knuff
    Alana Knuff
  • Robert Lagasse
    Robert Lagasse
  • Calvin Liang
    Calvin Liang
  • Nella Lush
    Nella Lush
  • Steven Lush
    Steven Lush
  • Don Maitz
    Don Maitz
  • Karen Mathis
    Karen Mathis
  • William McKeown
    William McKeown
  • Kathryn McMahon
    Kathryn McMahon
  • Lynn Mehta
    Lynn Mehta
  • Terry Miller
    Terry Miller
  • Ann Mohnkern
    Ann Mohnkern
  • Larry Moore
    Larry Moore
  • Suzanne Morris
    Suzanne Morris
  • Ann Murphy
    Ann Murphy
  • Debra Nadelhoffer
    Debra Nadelhoffer
  • Tom Nielsen
    Tom Nielsen
  • Jon Olson
    Jon Olson
  • Julia O'Malley-Keyes
    Julia O'Malley-Keyes
  • Mary Louise O'Sullivan
    Mary Louise O'Sullivan
  • Pam Pahl
    Pam Pahl
  • Wilma Parker
    Wilma Parker
  • Scott Penegar
    Scott Penegar
  • Mary Pettis
    Mary Pettis
  • Debra Reid-Jenkins
    Debra Reid-Jenkins
  • Alan Ryall
    Alan Ryall
  • Judy Saltzman
    Judy Saltzman
  • Morgan Samuel Price
    Morgan Samuel Price
  • Val Sandell
    Val Sandell
  • Ron Saporito
    Ron Saporito
  • Richard Shaffett
    Richard Shaffett
  • Robert Simone
    Robert Simone
  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith
  • Karin Snoots
    Karin Snoots
  • Luke Steadman
    Luke Steadman
  • Robert Steele
    Robert Steele
  • Brian Stewart
    Brian Stewart
  • Robert Tandecki
    Robert Tandecki
  • Anthony Thompson
    Anthony Thompson
  • Ronald J. Tinney
    Ronald J. Tinney
  • Marilyn Wear
    Marilyn Wear
  • Dale Weiler
    Dale Weiler
  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams
  • Karol Wyckoff
    Karol Wyckoff
  • Katherine Young
    Katherine Young
  • Sydney Zentall
    Sydney Zentall
  • Poppy Balser
    Poppy Balser
  • Serena Bates
    Serena Bates
  • Holly Bird
    Holly Bird
  • Claiborne Gregory
    Claiborne Gregory
  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper
  • Mark Daly
    Mark Daly
  • Nicolas Fox
    Nicolas Fox
  • Paul Garnett
    Paul Garnett
  • Micaiah Hardison
    Micaiah Hardison
  • Sarah Hull
    Sarah Hull
  • Brechin Morgan
    Brechin Morgan
  • Guy Morrow
    Guy Morrow
  • Nancy Tankersley
    Nancy Tankersley
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