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Fellows are elected from artists at Signature Member level by a Fellow's jury after submission of an extensive portfolio of their work, and represent the highest standards of excellence in the practice of marine art. Fellows manage the artistic affairs of the Society and are entitled to use the initials F/ASMA after their name. 

Here are galleries of our Fellow's works and links to many of their websites.

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  • John Barber
    John Barber
  • David Bareford
    David Bareford
  • Christopher Blossom
    Christopher Blossom
  • June Carey
    June Carey
  • William R. Davis
    William R. Davis
  • Donald Demers
    Donald Demers
  • William P. Duffy
    William P. Duffy
  • Lisa Egeli
    Lisa Egeli
  • Peter Egeli
    Peter Egeli
  • Sheri Farabaugh
    Sheri Farabaugh
  • Neal Hughes
    Neal Hughes
  • Norma Jay
    Norma Jay
  • Michael B. Karas
    Michael B. Karas
  • Russ Kramer
    Russ Kramer
  • Loretta Krupkinski
    Loretta Krupkinski
  • Richard Loud
    Richard Loud
  • Ray Massey
    Ray Massey
  • Leonard Mizerek
    Leonard Mizerek
  • Pual Mullaly
    Pual Mullaly
  • William Muller
    William Muller
  • Charles W Mundy
    Charles W Mundy
  • Mark Myers
    Mark Myers
  • Charles Robinson
    Charles Robinson
  • Sergio Roffo
    Sergio Roffo
  • William Ryan
    William Ryan
  • John Stobart
    John Stobart
  • Kim Shaklee
    Kim Shaklee
  • Len Tantillo
    Len Tantillo
  • Kent Ullberg
    Kent Ullberg
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