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19th National Exhibition Prospectus

The American Society of Marine Artists will present its 19th National Exhibition; a traveling show comprised of the finest maritime works from artists across the nation. This exhibition will be hosted by two nationally recognized Museums; The Albany Institute of History and Art in Albany, NY and the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona, MN.

The Albany Institute of History and Art will host a private opening reception for the 19th National Exhibition on September 7, 2023 and continue through December 31, 2023. The exhibition will then travel to the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona, Minnesota, opening with a private reception on January 19, 2024 and closing on May 12, 2024.  

Read all information carefully before submitting an entry. 

Please note: If you are NOT an ASMA member, you must join before submitting to this Exhibition.  More information is shown below under Eligibility.  ASMA Membership entitles you to enter all ASMA exhibitions, receive our full color quarterly magazine; the ASMA News and Journal, and receive discounted entry to our National Marine Art Conferences. We will be hosting the 4th National Marine Art Conference with events beginning on Wednesday evening, September 6, 2024  and ending September 10, 2023, for any artist desiring to register for the conference online at our ASMA website beginning in late March of 2023.  Look for more details soon!

All ASMA Signature Members and Fellows of the Society are required to submit at least one piece for all National Exhibitions.  Sustaining Signature Members are encouraged to submit, but are not required to do so.

Any Signature Member failing to submit an entry without presenting a written Letter of Hardship prior to the closing of the submission process, will jeopardize their Signature membership status and must re-apply for Signature membership. Each hardship will be reviewed by the Fellowship, and each case will be accepted or denied based on individual circumstances.

All artists are encouraged to submit their finest, museum-quality work for this Exhibition. Work must have been created within the last five years, and never submitted previously for any ASMA National Exhibition. 

Submitting artwork for an ASMA National show is an affirmation that the artwork is original, does not infringe on any copyright, and that the .jpeg image you send is an accurate representation of your artwork. Images of your work may be reproduced for promotional purposes.


Any artist submitting for this Exhibition MUST be a member. If you are not currently a member, first go directly to the ASMA website under "JOIN" at:

Regular member of the Society is $65.00 annually.  Any new artist may also consider submitting for Signature Membership instead of becoming a Regular Member.  Signature portfolio reviews will be juried on the same time schedule as our 19th National Exhibition. Submitting for either membership category  offers you the same opportunity to submit for consideration our National Exhibition.

Entries will be accepted from March 5, 2023 through April 5, 2023.  Acceptance notices will be sent no later than May 15, 2023.

Mediums accepted for the ASMA National Exhibition include oil, water media, acrylic, pastel, drawing, etching, engraving, scrimshaw and sculpture. Sculpture is limited to bronze, stone, or wood. No cold cast bronze, ceramic, or any type of stoneware is accepted. No digital art or painting created by painting over paper or canvas printed photographs will be accepted.

Combined length and width of the framed work must not exceed 90 inches. Sculpture is not to exceed 50 inches in height. Weight should be no more than 150 pounds. Artists may submit between 1 to 3 entries. Sculptors must submit 2 views for each entry. The Fellows encourage artists to submit more than one work for consideration. Once an artwork has been submitted, no substitutions or early removal of work will be allowed. NO exceptions.  All paintings will be required to have gallery or museum quality frames.

The submission fee for the ASMA 19th National Exhibition is a flat fee of $50.00. 

ASMA reserves the right to reject works if not fairly represented by the image or information provided.

Each artist is responsible for the shipping costs to send their artwork to the first Museum venue, and for returning shipping from the final Museum.

A few weeks before the Exhibition closes, each artist will be contacted by ASMA to create and send a return shipping label to accommodate returning all artwork in a timely fashion at the close of the exhibition. Keep a copy of the box dimensions and shipping weight for returning your art.

Painters are required to use Air Float Strongbox shipping containers or the equivalent for this Exhibition (U-line's model designed like Airfloat or MasterPak). ASMA members receive a 20% discount for these reusable shipping cartons. Use the code "ASMA" for your member's discount. Air Float may be reached at: or by phone at: (800) 445-2580.

Sculptors are highly encouraged to use double wall, foam injected boxes for shipping sculptures. NO PEANUTS are allowed when shipping sculpture.

ASMA will also require a $25 catalog fee from all accepted artists and a $25 handling fee to cover costs for re-packing work for the return of each artists work at the close of the Exhibition.

As a Museum Exhibition, the ASMA 19th National is a "not for sale exhibition". Buyers who may have an interest in purchasing works of art will be supplied with contact information for the artist by the participating Museum. 

Any sales during the Exhibition shall be privately arranged between the artist and buyer. Art work may not be removed before the end of the Exhibition. No exceptions.

Exhibition Schedule

The Institute of History and Art, Albany, NY: September 7 th - December 31st, 2023

Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Winona, MN: January 19th - May 12th, 2024

How to Enter:

Entries will not be accepted until March 5, 2023. Please submit entries via anytime from March 5, 2023 through April 5, 2023. 

Beginning on March 5, 2023 a link will be made available on the ASMA website at: 

Artists may submit 1 to 3 entries for consideration. If accepted, only one piece per artist will be selected.

ALL images must be submitted in .jpeg format at 300 dpi. Images should be 8” on the longest side. This requirement is for creating a high quality, color catalog of the 19th National Exhibition.  

Images must be labeled as follows: Last name, (underscore), First name, (underscore), Entry#, (underscore), Title, (underscore), Medium, (underscore), and Size, (underscore).

EXAMPLE: Smith_Robert_Entry1_A_Day_at_the_Beach_Oil_18x24_

Please double check the labeling on all images to assure your submission is accurate.

For more information or questions, contact: Kim Shaklee: or Nicolas Fox:

All artists will be informed of jury results by May 15, 2023.

Artists whose work is accepted will be required to pay a $25 catalog fee and a $25 handling fee within 30 days of receiving their acceptance notice for their work to be included in the full color Exhibition Catalog. Additional copies of the catalog may be ordered for a discounted price of $20 per catalog, provided they are ordered at the same time as submitting the required $25 catalog fee.

Final instructions including packing and shipping information will be sent to all artists shortly after acceptance notices go out.

Artwork will be fully insured while on exhibition and while being shipped from museum to museum. The artist is responsible for shipping and insuring the work to the first museum and return shipping back from the last museum.

ASMA will contact all artists towards the close of the exhibition to request a return shipping label. Artists should specifically notate the size and weight of their shipping boxes, prior to shipping, and keep the information available to have ready when ASMA sends a reminder about the closing of the 2nd museum venue.  ASMA may request a copy of this information prior to shipping the work, in order to assist artists who have forgotten required information for each artist to do so.

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions.

Call or Email Us:



P.O. Box 2903

Gainesville, GA 30503

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