The American Society of Marine Artists was founded in 1978 by a small group of the country's leading maritime artists. They were looking for mutual support and companionship, to enhance public awareness of the genre, to explore and record the history of American marine art, and to encourage the work of newcomers. The membership has always been nationwide, and the current membership of over 500 is distributed across 40 states. National exhibitions are held at roughly three-year intervals (the 2012-13 show is our 15th) and they take place in public museums. ASMA also holds periodic Regional exhibitions.

The Society is a non-profit organization under the 501- (c)(3) designation of the United States Tax Code, and as such can not engage in the sale of member's work.

Our mission is to recognize, encourage and promote marine art and maritime history; to encourage cooperation and free interchange among artists, art teachers, art students, craftsmen, publishers and others with interests related to marine art and the history of marine art; to provide a registry for artists, to hold exhibitions, and to promote the study and improvement of marine art. ASMA is dedicated to fulfilling an informational and educational role.

ASMA Officers

President: Russ Kramer -

Vice President: Kim Shaklee -

Secretary: Mike Killelea -

Managing Director:  Daven Anderson  -

Executive Director/Treasurer:  Peter Maytham  -

Some Facts about ASMA
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1. Exhibitions:
All members are eligable to enter ASMA exhibits

2. ASMA News:
Our full color quarterly newsletter alerts you to Society information and activities

3. Annual Weekend Meeting:
All members and their guests are welcome and encouraged to attend this gathering

4. Learn from other artists:
ASMA artists readily share their knowlege and skills with one another

5. Membership is open to all:
Anyone with an interest in marine art and history can join, not just working artists

6. Color Exhibition Catalogs:
Catalogs of our National Exhibitions are first made available to members.

7. Local Representation:
Regional Representatives from all four regions around the US assure local activities